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Saturday, September 29, 2007
I am A Guitarist

Okay, firstly I am asking myself, am I still a blogger ?

Well, I think if you see the previous posts, I always did complain about life, showed reluctance, and those kinds of things. I really wanna stop those reluctant things. Let's start the new life with Him.

Hey, just now I played guitar in front of many people :)). It was memorable. That was the first time in my life that I played a music instrument. Even though that was only the simulation of the youth service in my ISCF, I think that was the good start for me to start serving in music. Haha...I actually did the wrong keys in the song, especially my Bm and my F. Then someone said that it wasn't too loud, so I must be more confident next time. Thank God I am a guitarist. At least I have chance later. Ehm...the next commitment is having the guitar course when I will be back in Indonesia later. But, wait, how about my piano course ? huaaa...should learn music by now.


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Sunday, September 09, 2007
My Birthday ( One Week Ago )

I may not say that I am busy this week even though I am very busy by several activities, I may not say I am busy too often to other people. It can create a disguised feeling to others. Well, those activities are Indonesian Choir practice for Indonesian Art Festival, Maincomm of ISCF, then the ISCF Camp and last but not least is NTU - Choir Practice every week. Then, I was asking myself, am I still blogger by leaving this blog for several weeks ? Now, it is the time to write. Do you know? Leaving blog for a long time really made me dummy and slow in thinking :)).

Then, I would like to thank to my bro, Martin, who had prepared my birthday party last week. It was memorable. My only hope in this birthday is so I want to be obedient to Lord and trying to understand His will.
Thanks all.


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