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Friday, November 30, 2007
Even though I dislike spring
I like the flowers
Even though I dislike the summer
I like the rain
Even though I dislike autumn
I like the falling leaves
Even though I dislike the winter
I like the falling snow

Even though I dislike the world
I like you only

Can't I be the one in this lifetime
Then, can I be the one in the next lifetime
If we can make a pact
Even if today is our last day
I am not afraid

Source : Dangyunhaji, Youtube


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The first time when this word popped up in my head was when I was in primary 3 or 4. I read Japanese comic entitled Soar High, Isami ! It told about a girl named Isami Hanaoka
who happened to be a descendant of the Shinsengumi. Together with fellow descendants and classmates Soshi Yukimi and Toshi Tsukikage, she discovers in the basement of her home, strange artifacts left behind by their ancestors as well as a message urging them to "Fight the evil Kurotengu organization." There were many magic things there like magic sword or something. Unfortunately because of some reasons, I couldn't read the comics again. Till now, I am still curious about the story.

Then, last night, I saw some TV series entitled Shinsengumi. It was about that Japanese polices during late Edo Shogunate, especially about the life of Kondou Isami. It was interesting. What could be learned from those TV series were about the loyalty to the country. But, even though there some things that I couldn't agree from Kondou Isami. I think he is an interesting figure that we all can learn from him.

Finally, I learned a bit about Japanese history and it was quite interesting. However, Japan made a strong impact to Indonesia during World War II. I can say, I hate Japan a bit during that period but I am here trying hard to learn from the past then trying to love Japan culture (not his pop culture) wholeheartedly.


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Sunday, November 18, 2007
It's One Year Already

Happy Belated Birthday my blog.

During one year, you have accompanied me here, drinking coffee and friend for my bread. Hopefully, I can write more in the next days, months, and years.


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