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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Learning From Friends (3)

Mrs. Tantri Ambarsari, my chemistry teacher said a memorable advice to the class that,"The most beautiful moment is the third year of your senior high school. So, please remember every moment in your last days in this year." I don't know when I will remember that until.

University life is the strange phase in someone's life, especially for the relationship with others. Unfortunately and Fortunately (difficult to choose between those two), I currently study in a multiracial university untill my friend said that she was surrounded by the people with the languages from other planets (May be she hasn't been accustomed to this situation, and I was thinking like that also). Day by day, I understand more that when we make a friendship, we only mix with the people with the same background with us. For example, many of my friends are from choir members. I think that always happens in university life.

Do you think that this is the dangerous phenomenon in university life. It is okay if our friends are from the same extra curriculair activity. This will be more dangerous if our friends are only those who have the same religion, race, culture, and a specific group. There's a joke that I always use to tease my neighbour usually, when he mentioned one's name, I can always easily guess that he or she is my neighbor's friend from the same school as him or from the same religion with him. This is the dangerous thing when we limit ourselves. I think this isn't always because of we limit ourselves also, the main reason is that we are already busy with our tasks and school assignment untill we don't have time to create more friendship.

The identity crisis sometimes strikes those who face this multiracial themselves. For example when someone who isn't Indian always makes friend with the Indians. I think that person will feel something strange if he or she comes back to his or her own society. He or she will think also that he or she is an Indian. Hopefully, this doesn't happen to me (almost). There is a contemplable story from one of my friend. She quit from a kind of extra curriculair activity because she finally knew that many people from a specific nation joined that club. Because she has been for a long time in Singapore, the hatred to a specific nation evolves in her mind. This is really dangerous if we aren't open-minded in a multiracial country.

This is the time for us to check whether we have made friends with all people without choosing our own friends from our own community. I know that this can't be avoided. "Birds of a feather, flock together", I think that is the proper proverb to depict the situation. I myself feel more convenient with those who are from Indonesia. Hopefully, I can learn much from the next four years in this multiracial NTU. Understanding other people is one of the purpose why God placed me here. Okay, wanna go to Vietnam this June. Who wants to join ?

Habis prayer meeting tadi sore, ngobrol tentang hal sejenis. Habis makan udang Bu Rudi pemberian Adrian. Serta kulit ayam goreng + sambal yang pedese puolllll....Tadi midterm dibagikan, kecewa. Besok mau lihat Sidney Mohede di CHC.


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Monday, March 26, 2007
The Last LAB
After dealing with diodes and Data Studio, I am so tired now. I just slept for only four hours last night. Semiconductor diode was my last experiment in this semester. And perhaps, my last experiment for my physics. I am so sad now in this midst of the dillemma. I am the one who finds everything difficult if I leave something that I have enjoyed before. Hopefully, I can refresh my mind after I sleep.


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Selamat ulang tahun
Kami ucapkan padamu
Selamat hari jadi
Tuhan Yesus memberkati
Kami slalu berdoa
Agar kau tetap setia
Pada Yesus Kristus Tuhan dan raja
Kami slalu bersyukur
Tuhan tlah pimpin langkahmu
Padamu Hening, selamat ulang tahun


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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Vacation ( planning )
The photo above is so warm. Let's see the sunset, somewhere around the sun has the special colour gradation. My friend, Puspa, gave this picture. She said this is somewhere in Bali. Then, it reminds me about my trip to Bali some years ago. Unfortunately, even though I had been there twice. I didn't visit Kuta in the afternoon. I visited Kuta in the midnight because of the offer to go to Joger shop. Then we were trapped there caused by the crowded shop till the day started to be dark. That's why I always miss the sunset in Kuta.

Planning my trip in this semester break is quite complex. One month ago, I planned to go to Lombok, especially climbing Rinjani which is one of the beautiful mountain in Indonesia because there is a lake in the mountain. The name is Segara Anakan. Then, I think I cancel this trip because of the condition of my body. Besides, my mother won't allow me to do so.

The next target is Malaysia and Medan. Eugene(one of my friend) allowed me to stay in his house and he was willing to be my guide to have a tour in Malaysia. Besides, this year is special for Malaysia's tourism board. 2007 is declared as that country's year visit (When is the Indonesia's Visit Year is heard again).

There is a special purpose why I want to visit KL and the place around Malaysia. I want to create my understanding about this country. I know some Indonesians have the hatred feeling toward Malaysia. I myself felt that a bit especially the cases on Sipadan and Ligitan. The next dispute is about Ambalat in 2005. Fortunately, that dispute is over now. Actually, Indonesia and Malaysia have a long history on their bilateral relationship. Here is what wikipedia wrote.
The Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation was an intermittent war over the future of the island of Borneo, between British-backed Malaysia and Indonesia in 1962–1966. It is called Konfrontasi in the Indonesian and Malay languages. Towards the end of 1965, General Suharto came to power in Indonesia, following a coup d'état. Due to this domestic conflict, Indonesian interest in pursuing the war with Malaysia declined, and combat eased. On May 28,1966, at a conference in Bangkok, the Malaysian and Indonesian governments declared the conflict was over. Violence ended in June, and a peace treaty was signed on August 11 and ratified two days later.

Okay, the next planning is to Medan. I have several Medaneses friend here. Even, my roomate is a Medanese. He also didn't mind if I stay there. Garlia allowed mo to do so. As an Indonesian, this isn't enough if I hadn't visited Lake Toba or Brastagi. They said these both places are beautiful even though they won't be as clean as what I am expecting, at least I can have time in my life to enjoy them. Hem....I am not patient anymore to go there.

But, the exam is near. Let's study !!!!


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Monday, March 19, 2007
Chords that Bind

As soon as possible, after I graduated from my senior high school, many people came to my life. Meanwhile, only a short time later, many people will leave me easily and I think that will be too early. When we aren't binded into one family and everyone will leave us, the situation will be different. Even if only one of us leave from our community which has been our own family, the atmosphere will change.

Many choir members esp. basses will leave choir and we will meet another new students where I don't know who they are. I still remember yesterday when we sang and talked about many jokes. That was so warm. I don't know why I always miss that situation.

Cintya,Melissa,Pras,Raymond,Dhika,Davin(not sure yet). Hopefully, 8 months with all of you will give a wonderful moment in choir

Okay, time to cry....


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Saturday, March 17, 2007
Untitled 2
Untuk ke sekian kalinya bisa merasakan kehangatan matanya ketika mata harus beradu. Sebenarnya apakah yang harus hilang ketika aku harus bersamamu? Seperti ingin mengakhirinya tetapi aku tidak mau diselimuti oleh rasa layu. Ingin berlari, tetapi ada yang selalu menarikku ketika kau tersenyum. Maukah engkau sehari saja bersamaku ?


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Friday, March 16, 2007
Aku sudah bersalah kepada Bapa. Aku sendiri yang sakit ketika aku menyakiti Dia.Ingin kembali pada-Mu Bapa.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Contemplation of Rain and Train

It was raining hard. Fortunately, Maria SBS lent her umbrella when we met in NIE one hour ago. I am so glad today but there was no reason behind. For a moment, I look so pretty with this umbrella.

Thanks Maria.

About the Rain

Honestly, I love the rain because others will not know I am crying. Isn't it too melacholic ? I can only hear the sound of dropping water. The temperature is nice and it seems to be more natural compared with the air-con which seems to be more artificial. I still remember how my mother always scolded me when I went out from home to play outside when the rain came. That is the reason now why I always want to walk calmly and enjoy the rain. Unfortunately, I never do that nowadays. Of course I will be shy if I do it. But wait, I did it. Some months ago when I went home from the lecture, it was raining. I stupidly walk calmly in the unshaded way to my hall. I saw people running but I enjoyed the rain. Am I so stupid ? I just feel the strange thing when the drops of the water touch my face.

My childhood seemed to be more colourful with the rain. Eventhough my mother always forbade me to go outside when it was raining, I still insisted to go outside. How naughty I was ! What I liked much was the window washer of a car which always alternates to clean the front mirror of the car. What I did made all of my family laughed. I use the trash can as the umbrella because I was peeping and I just found the trash can then I just brought it and went out. I didn't know why my mother was behind me and she was laughing. And all family knew that. Hem... you know how funny it was.

About the Train

I took this photo when I went home to Klaten last December. A compartement made me interested. It seems that the train is almost like our life, especially its compartement. The compartement can't do anything besides just following what the locomotive wants. Imagine that the trip of this train is our life and we are the compartements. We know that time is always moving but we can't do anything to stop this time like a compartement which can't do anything to stop its locomotive. But, we can always do anything inside our compartement. Let's do the joyful life inside our own compartement.

This afternoon, I came to the Physics lecture with my friend. He looked so sad and I often saw how he frowned his forehead too much. As if, he was thinking something. Then, I asked him why he was like that. Finally he shared that he is in the anxiety now. Precisely, he is still confused about his purpose of his life especially, what is his purpose to study in NTU. He looked so sad. I was trying to understand by saying that is the normal phase that everyone is looking for that we are looking for the Meaning of Our Life. Hopefully, he can find his own strength again like usual and he can get the cheer in his own compartement.
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Saturday, March 03, 2007
My First Concert in This World
can you guess where I was?
Honestly, I never have a single choir concert like yesterday. Victoria Concert Hall was the memorable place for 51 of us. We had practised for more than 6 months to prepare this concert even though in the midst of this 6 months there are many things to do like the performances for the christmas carol and choir camp. Let's imagine, twice practices in a week. I am sure you will think this is such a hectic week. When the concert was nearer, the practices were almost everyday.

Here is CANTEMUS 2007, Vox Populi (Voice of the People)

Finally, it is over. This is my choir yesterday. I really enjoyed it even though I still forget some dances and few notes. One thing I could learn from that concert was we have only one chance in our life. I really felt that when firstly we sang, we had only one chance and about how we hold the note. Huh....

Here are the songs we sang and about the songs we sang.
1. Medley of Samba Ya and La Cucaracha
Samba Ya is the Brazilian folk song and La Cucaracha is the Mexican song.
2. Byssan Lull
A Swedish song ( Lullaby )
This song told about the journey of 3 wanderers to meet Jesus Christ.
This is my favourite song.
3. Mein Kleiner Gruner Kaktus ( My Little Green Cactus )
German Song which tells about cactus. ( FYI, I didn't fully memorized this song.
How can I remember because basses only sing
4. Vecherniy Zvon ( Evening Bells )
A Russian song about the love of a citizen to his country.
There was a soloist when we sang this song.
5. Veniki
A russian folk song about brooms ( the lyrics are weird but the song is nice )
6. Cha Shan Qing Ge ( A Love Song from the Tea Hill )
I didn't sing this song because this is for the students from PRC.
7. Kerraban Sape ( Bull Racing )
Traditional song of Madura island (Indonesia).
The Indonesian NTU students sang this.
We used the traditional bull bells also and played it in the middle of the song.
8. Asa Yueni ( Because of The Morning )
A Japanese song which was specially created for NTU choir by Ko Matsushita.
When we sang this song, the conductor said, " It was so sharp ". We were sad.
9. Regi Tancdal
A Hungarian old dance song. This is the last song for the first half concert.
In the second half, we sang :
1. I Love Music
2. Isn't She Lovely
3. Mui Tin Noi Nei Do Ye Se ( Jacky Cheung Song )
4. Lion Heart
5. Solitaire
6. ABBA Medley ( One of Us, SOS, Does Your Mother Know, Mamma Mia )
7. Break Out
There were dances and choreography in this second half concert.

Above are some photos yesterday. Hopefully you can imagine what I felt yesterday. It was so great where almost 900 people watched our performance. I will never forget this great moment.


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My Questions of the Day

Two friends of mine ask two different questions and I was thinking about those questions in this day.

* Why should you study abroad if you know nothing ?

* Hey Septian, I am wondering, are you actually smart ?

When can I answer those questions ?

I myself don't know.


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Sunday Service
Fortunately, I could wake up at 7 o'clock this morning so I could go to earlier monday service today. This was the strange morning where I felt something reluctant and this body was lazy to do anything, including speaking. That was why I was just too silent in the bus this morning. As if, I realize something. But, I don't know what it is. Let it be.

The church seemed to be busier this morning. This is the second week of Pre-Easter Day. This morning service wasn't as touching as last week where the pianist this morning didn't play the sad song like last week. But, it was okay, I think. Today's preaching was about sincretism. Fortunately, Pr. Ayub Yahya preached today and the jokes were like usual, so shaking my stomach. Many things were learned. On of them is about how we should avoid syncretism. Syncretism consists of the attempt to reconcile disparate or contradictory beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. The term may refer to attempts to merge and merge and analogize several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert an underlying unity(wikipedia). When Ayub Yahya said that, I remember how when I was asked to go to my grandmother's cemetery to spread the roses there. At that time, I refused the invitation to go there. I didn't believe with this kind of tradition. That was why the today's preaching reminded me with that occurence.

From church, Garlia, Jerry, Maria and I went to an Indonesian stall in Bukit Batok, just 2 minutes away from church. I ordered Soto Ayam and it was so nice. It was the first time for me to eat the soto ayam. Before, I asked some Singaporeans about this food but they didn't have idea. Hem....I will go there again next week. So nice, but it was only bucks. I loved the ketchup besides I miss this Indonesian hot kechup. This mad me miss my family suddenly when I was reminded that everytime we went home from church, we always had a lunch in a "prominent" soto stall near our church. I hope they bought that today and they always remember me everytime they have lunch.

Akhir2 ini kangen rumah terus


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